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  • Raise the accuracy of your CMDB data to 99%, and keep it there
  • Reduce source system determination times for incidents to zero
  • Gain complete transparency to risk and SLA exposure


  • Optimize service billing, eliminating under billing and clawbacks, while reducing manual billing and validation
  • Reduce maintenance and license costs associated with decommissioned and unsupported assets
  • Improve trust and transparency by eliminating major incidents, and reducing outage resolution times


  • Overcome limitations associated with Discovery tools and drive integration across your entire IT estate
  • Drive collaboration between ITSM and ITOM functions by integrating disparate IT data sets
  • Gain a holistic view of your IT environment through continuous CI validation across the broadest range of data sources

How we add value to your data

Blazent delivers data quality and integrity, driven by 100% data accuracy. We take all your IT and OT data from the broadest range of sources in the industry, and transform it into trusted data in your CMDB (Configuration Management Database) that can be used with confidence to support any technology, operational, or business decision.

According to Gartner, at any moment in time, up to 40% of an enterprises data is inaccurate, missing or incomplete. This problem is pervasive, consistent, and impacts the core of every business. This is where we focus our industry-leading solutions, and drive transformative value for our customers.

We reduce enterprise data inaccuracy from 40% to ZERO.

Were the only comprehensive platform for Data Quality Management

We can handle EVERY data source, starting with your CMDB.

Our Customers

Webinar: Data Quality: The Key to Improving Your ITSM and CMDB Efficiencies

For years enterprises have been making poor decisions based on incomplete and erroneous IT data. This webinar will show you how to use all your data to make sound IT and business decisions.

White Paper: How Blazent Delivers Transformative Value Through Actionable Intelligence

Its no longer news that business performance and IT performance are more closely linked than ever before. This is not only changing how businesses and organizations are evolving in terms of effectiveness, outreach, and business model; its also impacting IT organizations as they struggle to play a more proactive and strategic role in supporting and even redefining business needs.

Blazent is the leader in Data Quality Management Solutions. We provide the insight needed to improve decision making and business outcomes for IT Service Management, Operations, Security, and Internet-of-Things. Blazent enables enterprises and Managed Service Providers with complete and accurate information across the broadest range of data sources. Reach us at http://ayanetw.com.cn or sales@

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